Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Death penalty

The death penalty is a consequence for when you break a law. it is legal in some states but i think it should be allowed in all states because if someone walks into a mall and mows everyone down with a gun then they should deserve the death penalty if they are certain they got the right guy and right evidence.

There are two types of death penalty’s the electric chair Image result for electric chairImage result for lethal injection
and lethal injection.   

But to get this to happen in all states and provinces it will have to go through the legal system and everybody has to agree with it but it should only be allowed on certain cases such as murder cases and mass murder cases. but it should also be around to show people the consequences of murder and breaking the law.       


  1. Trey, I liked how u did all of the research to do all of this to keep us going and I think that u need to go a little more detail but u did good, How is all of this possible in the world?